1. Socioeconomic and economic Factors that influence Vitamin A intake by Women in Pakistan An Evidence from PDHS (2006-2007)

Author: Zeba Amjad


This study analyzed the vitamin A intake by women during pregnancy in Pakistan. The goal of this paper is to analyze the explanatory of vitamin A intake by women. Data used in this paper is micro data which has been taken from Pakistan demographic survey. This paper based on the sample size of 39049. Researcher examined the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of the data. In quantitative analysis researcher used binary logistic model because dependent variable in categorical form. In the model, vitamin A intake by women has been taken as explanatory variables while women education, women age, women employment, Husband employment, Husband education, sex of child, sex of head of household, number of children, night blindness, type of place of residence, wealth index, during pregnancy iron tablets and syrups and husband lives in house have been taken as independent variables of the model. On the basis of result researcher concluded that majority of women that were belong to poor family have low level of vitamin and they were housewives and vice versa. Education is the crucial factor on change. There is grim necessitate that husbands must care their wives and daughter education, food and proper check up in their both status of pregnancy and lactating.

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